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finished it , what an excellent game ! many very clever ideas in this and great gameplay - would recommend buying this one for certain , great job ...

Hey! Is there anything that accelerates my clones' detonation other than me pressing Y? I'm near the beginning, at the second puzzle that requires clones to open portails and they detonate SO FAST I don't have the time to complete the puzzle. When I watch people playing on YouTube, they seem to have a lot more time than me before their clones detonate. Is there a bug, or something I'm not seeing?

Hi. That's odd. Every room should have a variable that defines the clone detonation time for that room. Also, some rooms have a more limited timer, and some puzzles works more like a speed challenge. If this was a glitch (It's also possible) maybe a room was left without that variable (and this made the game loads the last visited room value), you can try returning to 'level select hub'. There is a portal that makes you continue playing the last visited room (next to the Patriarch portal that transports players to that pyramid man). If this is a variable problem this should reset the timer to it's original value.

Also, there is an alternative to slow time on options, this enables the reset button to work as an on/off slow-motion (reset still working when the button is held).

I'm going to check the game again and look for left values, and thanks for playing :D

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Thanks for your answer :) Please let me know if you find something! (I still had the same problem even after returning to the level select hub or erasing my progress)

Oh hey this looks really cool! I might have to give it a try!

Fucking play this. That's it, just play it. Try not to play it at night though, unless you don't want to sleep ever again.

Too fucking bad. I play all my horror games at night.

Cool game! Bought it today, will there be steam keys when it hits steam?

Maybe I'll send a limited number of keys after Steam release. I'm just waiting for Steam confirmation.

They damn well should.  The game is impressive - I can't put it down!

I'm impressed.  Creepy game, clever puzzles, smart retro atmoshpere, it feels like an artifact from another timeline where this became a cult hit and kept being imported from game system to game system.

So far I like how each boss is a completey different puzzle - it really adds to the feel of the game.  I never know what's coming next.

A bit early to review but my thoughts so far:
The game is pretty damn good! Creepy, atmospheric, dark, abstract, evil.
Story is interesting so far. Beat the first boss, it was fun! 
Visually the game is interesting. The glitch effects + chromatic aberration adds to it a lot! Sprites are detailed, backgrounds are fantastic!

Music is pretty good in overall, but I have one complaint what ruins the immersion for me a bit: when you die, the music restarts. Since there is no death screen, you restart immediately, it would be much, much better to keep the music playing, not restarting. It's easy to die again and again so the constant music resets kinda ruins it.

It's clear there was a lot of work in this game! Other than the music issue, it can be really immersing. It has some OFF / Yume Nikki vibes sometimes, it's a dark version of Super Meat Boy somewhat (probably reminds me of it because of the quick dead, retry mechanism... idk)...
Controls are perfect! The puzzles are really well done. The escalation is great! It starts easy, it makes the player understand the mechanics in a safer environment, then it gets more complicated, harder, more complex. Interesting combination of darkness, horror, abstract, platforming and puzzles. Wasn't sure it'll work together when I started playing. But it definitely does! I'm enjoying this a lot and I'm happy with the purchase! Not flawless, minor improvements could help.

So my criticism is: restarting music and maybe the clones should have a visible timer on themselves too along with the HUD. Of course, in a stylish way.

Money well spent! Great job!

:D Thanks for playing and writing a review + suggestions. This will definitely help me improve my future releases. 

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Really enjoying this game....but man, the Left Hand Path room for...I can't remember the name...but it's the level with the female tongues and clone sliding "stations".  I cannot figure this one out, and it's driving me absolutely nuts. XD

I feel like there is another clone sliding station missing in the room.  Like there was supposed to be one after all the saw blades or something?  It doesn't seem possible.  Maybe I'm just not seeing it, but in order to progress, you have to trip the white and orange symbols to progress through the saw hallway due to the motion laser.   Not sure if this is a bug, or what.   It's impossible to use timing or delay of the door gates holding the clone in place to get both to hit both switches simultaneously...because underneath the white switch is an orange platform that drops it if you attempt that strategy.   I've found all the other left hand path rooms so far to be challenging, but ultimately solved them.  I'm really stuck.

NEVERMIND IM AN IDIOT.    AWESOME PUZZLE. idea was wrong...still stuck.


I'm stuck on this puzzle too and it's killing me


Hah!  Your video is why I ended up buying it.  :D