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Teocida is an esoteric experience focused on puzzles, cloning mechanics, platforming challenges and experimental elements. Explore the enigmatic passageways of a twisted microcosm filled with symbolic faith landscapes and erotic nightmares.


After her doctrine falls into oblivion, an infamous seer embarks on a journey to find suitable successors that can keep her philosophy alive.

We are currently accepting new candidates, apply for the Metaphysical Aptitude Program now!
The program is designed to conduct experiments in extrasensory perception, subliminal effectivity, logic ability (problem solving), and response to audiovisual stimuli.



  • Dirty and ugly experimental graphics made using different digital and handcrafted techniques.
  • Clairvoyance evaluation with Zener cards!
  • Seven principles to absorb.
  • Multi-layered easter eggs for the most dedicated candidates.
  • Customizable game speed for moments that call for quick reflexes.
  • Content filtering setting for streamers or speedrunners.
  • Not a metroidvania.
  • デジタルとハンドクラフトの異なる手法で作られた雑でざらざらしたグラフィック

  • シンプルで分かりやすい操作性

  • スピード感のあるゲームプレイ

  • どんどん難しくなるパズル

  • ゼナー・カードで占いを評す!?

  • 吸収すべき7つの原理

  • 熱心な志願者のためのさまざまなイースターエッグ

  • カスタマイズのできるゲームスピード

  • 動画配信ややり込みのためのコンテンツフィルタリング設定

Content is not recommended for people who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.
This game deals with some themes that can be considered taboo or uncomfortable for some players, the game is not suitable for children.

このプログラムは光過敏性発作になりやすい方にはお勧めできません。 このプログラムは時に微妙な論題が含まれており、気分を害することがあるかもしれません。子供にはふさわしくない内容。

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Horror, Puzzle-Platformer


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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